Frequently asked questions

Town of Winfield Residential Trash Service

In order to provide Winfield residents the best rates for residential trash and recycling services, the Town bids out trash and recycle material collection for the town. This allows our residents to have access to the best rates available and reduces the number of large trash collection vehicles that would operate on our subdivision roads which extends their useful life. All Winfield residential customers must utilize the current provider, Republic Services for trash and recycling services. Per Town of Winfield Ordinance #34, every owner, lessee or occupant of any residential building consisting of four or less dwelling units shall have non-recyclable household refuse collected every seven days. Each owner, lessee or occupant is also required to pay trash service rates set by the provider and the Winfield Town Council. The Town of Winfield will bill trash charges monthly on the municipal utility bill for each resident; Republic Services will provide the weekly collection services. Each resident will receive one 96 gallon trash receptable and one 96 gallon recycling receptacle at no charge, these receptacles allow for consistent and efficient collection. Any resident needing additional trash receptacles must contact Republic Services directly to request additional receptacles; additional fees billed through Republic Service will apply for the additional recptacles. Trash collection is scheduled each Tuesday, please set out receptacles Monday evening to ensure pickup as collection can start as early at 7am and collection routes may change over time. Recycled material pick up is every other Tuesday; homes north of 109th Ave. are picked up one week with homes south of 109th Ave. picked up the following week. A complete annual recycling schedule is posted on our website under miscellaneous forms. In the event a national holiday occurs on Monday collection will be delayed one day and will be picked up on Wednesday. Republic Services will collect up to one large item per week (with some exceptions), residents will need to contact Republic Services directly to coordinate large item pick-ups. Exemption to Residential Trash Collection: Per Town of Winfield Ordinance #34; In the event a residnet resides at a location where in the normal course of business a commercial waste disposal service is engaged on a contractual basis at the same address then the residential location shall be exempt. A copy of the current commercial dumpster service invoice will need to be provided to town staff to qualify for the exemption. Additional Contact/Information Resources: Town of Winfield Clerk-Treasurer Department, for billing questions and changes to utility accounts: 219-662-2665 Republic Services, for large item pick up and collection service issues: 219-310-2343 New Trash Regulation effective April 1, 2019: Trash and any container placed at the curb for collection may only be placed at the curb up to a maximum of 24 hours prior to pick up day and cannot be left out longer than 24 hours past collection day. With town garbage collection currently occuring on Tuesdays each week, trash and any related container may not be placed at the curb from Thursday through Sunday. Failure to comply with this new regulation will subject the resident to a warning for the initial violation and a $50 per day fine for any subsequent violation.

Leaf Removal

When is leaf vacuuming done? The Street Department removes leaves every Wednesday, corresponding with garbage service. Leaf removal starts in November, and ends the last week of November; weather permitting. The rules are as follows: - All leaves must be placed at the edge of the lawn, not in the street. - Leaves should not be bagged. - No dirt, garbage, branches, or rocks etc. can be mixed in. - Must be in an inhabited home (no vacant lots). - Place away from mailboxes, trees and utility poles. *What is deemed acceptable based on these rules will be at the Winfield Street Department's discretion. Anything put out for pick up that exceeds these rules will be left behind, and will be the homeowner's responsibility to dispose of. The Street Department may not spend more than ten minutes at each residence so they can complete their route. Please follow the rules above to ensure timely pick up for all residents. SIDE NOTE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE: Do you have leaves and it is not seasonal pick up time? Call Porter County Recycling, they do composting (219) 465-3694 or visit www.itmeansthe Branch pick up will resume in the spring.

Branch Chipping Policy

The Town of Winfield offers branch chipping services to our residents. The primary intent of the program is to assist homeowners with branch removal mostly after storm damage and in light tree trimming. When is chipping done? Residents MUST notify the town of their address by the Monday before by 5pm if they have branches for Wednesday chipping. Addresses can be submitted under the Public Works Department tab or called into the Town Hall at 219-662-2665. Chipping is preformed every Wednesday, corresponding with garbage service pick up (if garbage is delayed a day due to a holiday, then chipping will be delayed a day as well). Weather permitting, chipping will begin early spring and end in the fall (last week of October). What are the rules of the program? We ask all residents that need branches chipped to comply with the following rules: - Must be neatly stacked - Branches and limbs must not be more that 6" in diameter - No tree trunks - No tree/land clearing - Large end of branches must be placed facing the street - No more that 3' high stacks (for safety purposes) - No tied bundles - No roots or dirt or foreign material - No leaves (bagged) - Must be at the end of the resident's driveway, 2' off the roadway - No vacant lots Branches must be out by the night before and the area must be clear of any parked vehicles. What is deemed acceptable based on these rules will be at the Winfield Street Department's discretion. Anything put out for pick up that exceeds these rules will be left behind and will be the homeowner's responsibility to dispose of. The Street Department may not spend more than ten minutes at each residence so they can complete their route. Please follow the rules above to ensure timely pick up for all residents. Mulch from the chipping is available for residents to pick up from behind the Town Hall in the back parking lot. Bring your own container and help yourself.

Garage/Yard Sale Signs, Ordinance - Annual Community Garage Sale Info

For Town of Winfield Resident: Just a reminder to please not post any signs announcing or giving directions to your yard/garage sale around Town. You are permitted to have a sign posted in your yard the day(s) of the sale. Please see Ordinance(s) 156.075, 156.085 and 156.095 as it relates to yard/garage sale signs. Thank you! Annual Community-wide Garage Sale Every year the Town of Winfield has a community garage sale which includes Lake of the Four Seasons residents. The event is usually held over three days in the month of June with sign up starting the month before. The fee to sign up is $10 and includes 4 line advertisment in the Winfield American, notation on our website and balloons for your mailbox to mark you as a participant.

Important Winfield Phone Numbers

Bureau of Motor Vehicles (Crown Point Branch) 219-663-0712 Crown Point Christian Village 219-662-0642 Crown Point High School 219-663-4885 Indiana American Water 800-492-8373 Kankakee Valley REMC 800-552-2622 Lake County Animal Control 219-769-7016 Lake County Government Center 219-755-3000 Lake County Sheriff Non-Emergency 219-660-0001 Lake of the Four Seasons Fire Force 219-662-7576 Winfield Library 219-662-4039 NIPSCO 800-464-7726 Winfield American Newspaper 219-662-8888 Jerry Ross Elementary 219-663-3010 Winfield Elementary 219-663-2287 St. Mary Medical Center 219-947-6772 Winfield Township Trustee Office 219-663-7027 Winfield Town Hall 219-662-2665 Winfield Police Department 219-779-9326* *admistrative line only call 911 for all emergencies and NON-emergencies

Moving to the Town of Winfield? Setting Up Utilities.

Town Boundaries: North to South - 101st Ave to 129th Ave, East to West - County Line Road to Colorado St. Incudes subdivisions: Country Meadows, Deer Creek Estates, Doubletree Lake Estates, Doubletree West, Hidden Creek, Palmer, Prairie Crossings, Stonegate, Stonegate Commons, Providence at Stonegate, Wynbrook, and Wyndance Not included in the Town: Lake of the Four Seasons (unincorporated Lake/Porter County) and Stoney Run (unincorporated Lake County) The following companies provide utilities or have contracts with the Town of Winfield: Water-Indiana American Water 800-492-8373 Water-Twin Lake Utilites 877-294-8890 (LOFS, Stoney Run, & the Pointe) Electric/Gas-NIPSCO 800-464-7726 Electric-Kankakee Valley REMC 800-552-2622 Phone/Cable-Comcast 866-594-1234 Phone/Cable-AT&T 800-327-0941 Storm/Sewer/Garbage 219-662-2665 -Town of Winfield When moving into or out of the Town of Winfield, always call the Town Hall to inform the Clerk-Treasurer department of changes of ownership/renter information to ensure proper billing for new accounts and final bills. As of May 2016 Garbage billing is now handle by the Town of Winfield. Residents will now contact the Town Hall to request totters. The Town has a contract with Republic Waste. Residents may not use another Garbage service. If there is an issue with your garbage pick up please contact Republic Services directly at 219-662-8600. New residents: Please read the Storm Water section of the FAQ page.

Lake County Solid Waste Management District and Winfield Spring and Fall Clean Up Days

The LCSWMD program is a cooperative effort between the Lake, Porter and LaPorte County Solid Waste Districs to collect household hazardous waste. LCSWMD travels to different communities from April through October for hazardous waste collection days. Visit for complete collection day schedule and to see what is accepted. Winfield Spring and Fall Clean Up Twice a year Winfield has a Spring and Fall clean up in the back parking lot of the Winfield Government Center, 10645 Randolph St. A commercial shredder, dumpsters and electronic recycling are provided. No paint, motor oil, gasoline or hazardous waste will be accepted. The Town asks for those participating to please bring a donation for you local food pantry and animal shelter. Dates and times of these events will be posted closer to the date on the Upcoming Events page of the Town's website and Facebook page.

Our Recycling Program

Republic Services rotates recycling pick up between the residence to the north and to the south of 109th Avenue. An annual schedule can be found under Miscellaneous Forms on the Town website. The Town of Winfield has a contract with Republic Waste, all residents are required to use Republic Waste as the garbage and recycling provider. *Reminder it is considered illegal dumping if you are bringing your trash to another location to dispose of it* Who do I call to get a recycle bin? The Town Hall, 219-662-2665, to set up recycling service and request bins. Republic will provide a 95 gallon rolling cart automatically with you initially set up service. Regular garbage will be picked up weekly, however, recycling is pickup on an every-other-week basis. How many bins can I have? Only one per residence. Who do I call if my recycling/garbage was not picked up? Residents can call Republic Services if their residence was missed on their pick up day, 219-662-8600. Be sure to put bins out the night before to ensure pick up as routes can begin as early as 7a.m. What can I put in my recycling bin? -Empty plastic food and beverage containers, cleaned and rinsed out -All empty aluminum, steel, and tin beverage containers -Clear, green, and brown glass (all glass bottles and jars) -Newspapers and inserts -Food boxes (cereal, cracker boxes etc-must be flattened) -Flyers -Copy paper -Magazines, phonebooks, soft cover books -Catalogs -Junk mail -Cardboard boxes must be 2'x2' pieces -Brown paper bags -Office and school papers -All #1through #7 plastics, including plastic bags (look for the middle of the recycling triangle on product to get number) Household Hazardous Waste The Town and Republic Services do not accept hazardous material. Empty paint cans and dried out paint cans may go in the regular garbage. To dispose hazardous waste visit the Lake County Solid Waste Management District's website at to see a schedule of their collection days and what can be accepted or call 219-852-2420. How do I recycle electronics? Certain household appliances will be picked up by Republic Services but they must be contacted directly to schedule a special pick up for an addition fee billed by their service. Alternately most electronics except for any product containing freon or oil will accepted at the Town's Spring and Fall Clean Up days. For other locations that accept electronics all year long visit Disposal of Tires? visit for locations accepting tires.

Thinking about burning trash or yard waste in Indiana?

Northwest Indiana residents are reminded that it is ILLEGAL to burn leaves in Porter and Lake Counties and are urged to compost, mulch and chip their yard waste. The Indiana Department of Enviromental Management notes that burning leaves results in large amounts of non-visible smoke and soot. Burning five pounds of leaves releases about one pound of soot and other chemicals into the air. The IDEM gives the following tips for dealing with yard waste: - Mix leaves into a compost pile to break them down naturally. Composting leaves produce rich, fertile humus that can enrich flowerbeds and gardens - Bag leaves for easy drop off at a community composting facility. - Mulch the leaves with a lawnmower. This method saves time, returns nutrients to a lawn and disposes of the leaves in one easy step. - Use a rake instead of a leaf blower to gather leaves into piles. Besides reducing ozone forming emissions that come from small, gasoline powered tool, raking provides low impact exercise. The IDEM notes that burning leaves, branches and other clean wood is legal in most of Indiana, but that many counties and local communities have local ordinances that limit or ban open burning. However, it is illegal to burn leaves in Porter, Lake, Clark and Floyd counties, all of which are non-attainment counties for ozone. Do you have leaves and it is not seasonal pick up time? Call Porter County Recycling, they do composting 219-465-3694

Sewer & Storm Water Information & Payment Options

In October 2009, the Town's Engineering firm, DLZ, provided the Storm Water Master Plan following reviews of surveys, prior storm water issues and open house meetings in order to identify and determine areas in need of storm water drainage improvements. DLZ identified a total of $4,509,000 of needed storm water projects of various sizes throughout the town. An annual operational and waterway/storm water maintenance budget was developed with the input of DLZ, the Town's financial consultant, Umbaugh and Associates as well as the Clerk-Treasurer's office indicating a total combined budget of $229,800. The annual waterway/storm water maintenance budget is estimated at $194,000. No additional office employees are to be added and limited overhead expenses for the production and processing of approximately 12,000 bills per year have been included. In November 2009, an initial rate review was provided by Umbaugh & Associates indicating a range of proposed fees from $8.54 to $22.50 per month per ERU (equivalent residential unit). The initial proposed fee rates would have completed all of the capital improvements identified by DLZ over a varying period of time. In January 2010, a second rate review completed by Umbaugh & Associates reducing the scope completing only minor annual storm water/waterway drainage improvements and none of the medium or large capital projects. The monthly fee was calculated at $6.02 Following numerous discussions by the Storm Water Board it was determined that the storm water rate would be set at $6.00, the Storm Water Rate was adopted by the Winfield Town Council on November 16, 2010. All above mentioned materials are available in their entirety at the Winfield Government Building located at 10645 Randolph Street, Winfield, Indiana 46307 ******************** STORMWATER AMOUNTS ARE $6.00 PER UNIT PER MONTH, RESIDENTIAL ******************** SEWER RATES ARE $11.95 PER UNIT (1,000 GALLONS); based on Indiana American Water usage ******************** To pay your bill online you will find the link to InvoiceCloud billing portal on the main HOME page of this website, just click the green Winfield Utility Bill payment button. There is a $2.95 processing fee and a max of $250, any payment over that should be paid at the Town Hall with a check. If you would like to pay over the phone the Customer Call in number is 1-866-888-1682 You may also make your payments at the Town Hall, Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm or use the Town Hall drop off slot, for your convenience located to the north of the Town Hall entrance (please no cash payments in the drop off, and be sure to have your account number written on your check).

Voting Precincts/Voter Registration

On election day the Winfield Government Center is the polling place for precincts 1,8,9, & 10. For commons questions or to register visit For Lake County voter questions contact the Lake County Board of Elections at 219-755-3795

2010 and Prior Meeting Minutes

-Town Council -Sewer Board -Storm Water Board -Plan Commission -Board of Zoning Appeals -Redevelopment Committee If you would like signed copies of meeting minutes, year 2010 or prior, please come by the Town Hall Office open Monday - Friday 8am to 5pm If you would like to complete a Copy of Public Record beforehand, please go to Miscellaneous Forms under the Forms tab on the menu bar to print a PDF of the form. Thank you.