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The next Town of Winfield utility statement that will arrive the first week of May will reflect a new rate for trash and recycling collection, the new rate is $18.70 per month.  As a result of issues with the cost of maintaining our recycling collection program and the reduced world markets for recycled products there is a need to increase rates in order to maintain our municipal recycling program.  We have not had to pay a fee for recycling collection in the past, the collection company would process and sell the recycled content to cover the cost of collection and sorting, due to the current market conditions there is now a need to pay a small fee for this service.  This is a one year agreement with a hope that a better rate may be obtained in the future.

As a reminder, there are steps you can take to maximize the effectiveness of our recycling program, make sure all cardboard, plastics, metals and glass are clean.  Currently COVID-19 pick up restrictions have been lifted, large item pick up has resumed starting 5/5/20

Republic's Recycling Tips and Guidelines
What to recycle graphic.

New Trash and Recycling Rate for Town of Winfield Residents

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