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The Town of Winfield has been receiving complaints from concerned citizens about Town residents placing trash at the curb well in advance of Tuesday’s scheduled garbage pickup day.  In an effort to limit the negative impact of trash at the curb in residential areas of Winfield, as well as for maintenance and preservation of property values and quality of life in the Town for all residents, the Town Council adopted Ordinance 34-C on February 26, 2019.

Trash and any containers placed at the curb for collection may only be placed at the curb up to a maximum of 24 hours prior to pick up day and cannot be left out longer than 24 hours past collection day.  With town garbage collection currently occurring on Tuesdays each week, trash and any related container may not be placed at the curb from Thursday through Sunday.  Failure to comply with this new regulation will subject the resident to a warning for the initial violation and a $50 per day fine for any subsequent violation.

You can contact the Town office at 219-662-2665 if you have any questions.

Effective April 1st, 2019: New Trash Regulation

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