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219-663-2431 (fax)

Richard C. Anderson Jr.


[email protected]

219-662-2665 ext. 305

Ashlee Wathen

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

[email protected]

219-662-2665 ext. 312

Anmol Sethi

Utility & Accounts Payable Clerk

[email protected]

219-662-2665 ext. 312

For questions about your Stormwater/Sewer bill please email [email protected]

A letter to Winfield Residents from the Clerk-Treasurer

Dear Winfield Residents,


     As the Clerk-Treasurer of the Town of Winfield, I serve all the residents of our community and strive to provide accessible, accurate and reliable information on all financial aspects of the Town’s operations.


     In Indiana, the Clerk-Treasurer is an elected position which has a four year term of office.  Specific duties of the office are defined by Indiana Code, the Winfield Municipal Code of Ordinances as well as the directives of the Town Council within the scope of law.  The Clerk-Treasurer has broad powers to hire and supervise employees in his or her department and to oversee the creation and implementation of the municipal budget.  The ranking status of the Clerk-Treasurer is on an equal level with Town Council members.  The Clerk-Treasurer does not vote on Council matters and does not have authority in setting wages or final approval of budgets.


     The Clerk-Treasurer is the Chief Financial Officer of the municipal government.  No other elected municipal official’s duties are as specifically defined by law as that of the Clerk-Treasurer.  This person is responsible for the overall collection and disbursement of all funds, the administration of the accounting and utility billing systems, review and authorization of all accounts payable vouchers and checks, payroll administration and investment management.  The Clerk-Treasurer is the record keeper for all meeting minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions; as well as all other town records and can be the issuer of licenses.


     Frequently, the Clerk-Treasurer is a purchasing officer, payroll agent, budget officer, insurance administrator and personnel director.  Duties also include administering oaths, assisting with business and economic development and he or she may sometimes be called on as a local historian.


     I have been a resident of Winfield since 1995 and have been blessed to have been able to make my home and raise my children is such a wonderful community.  I have been proud to serve Winfield residents as your Clerk-Treasurer since 2004.  If you ever need information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.


                              Rick Anderson


                                         Town of Winfield

Rick Anderson, Clerk-Treasurer for the Town of Winfield, Indiana.
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